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We specialise in Wills, Trusts, Lasting Powers of Attorney and providing information on how you can both grow and protect existing assets using our ‘later life planning‘ seminars.



Protego-te has many years’ experience helping people through the often tricky minefield of ensuring when they pass away their hard-won assets end up in the hands of those they intend to benefit.



Our simple mantra is to help you protect your assets by giving you clear and concise information so that you can make an informed choice.


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About Protego-te

Protego-te is Latin for ‘protecting you’ and our vision is to provide you with clear, concise and informative knowledge as to how you can protect your assets for those you wish to benefit once you have passed away.

Your needs will be unique to you, your family and your circumstances. For professional Wills, Trusts and LPAs that are created by our legal team then you need look no further than Protego-te.

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  • Have assets to dispose off

  • Would like to make provision for your funeral


Wills from £99

A Will is a signed legal document (by you and witnesses) that lets you decide what happens to your estate; money, property and possessions etc. after your death. Making a Will ensures that when you die your estate is shared according to your wishes.


Lasting Powers of Attorney

A ‘lasting power of attorney’ (LPA) is a document which gives an ‘attorney’ (your representative) legal authority to make decisions on your behalf (you the ‘donor’). Crucially, the power continues after you lose the mental capacity to make decisions for yourself.


Trust and Tax Advice

A trust enables you to manage your assets (money, investments, land or buildings) so that when you pass away the assets end up with those you wish to benefit. There are different types of trusts and they are taxed differently.


Later Life Planning

No-one can be certain how long they will be retired; sadly, you hear stories all the time of people passing away within months of retiring and conversely, we are seeing more and more people reaching 100! It is essential to plan ahead.


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