Take the Pressure Off You and Your Family

A loved one's death brings a lot of emotional stress and strain to any family. Handling loss is difficult enough without having to deal with funeral costs too. Protego-te, a leading provider of prepaid funeral plans, enables you to relieve the financial burden from those closest to you.

Buying in advance with a prepaid plan has a lot of advantages, especially when the cost of funerals is rising. This is why more and more people are turning to Protego-te for our professional advice on funeral plans.

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    Forward Planning

    A funeral plan ensures everything is in place when the time comes. You've taken the guesswork out of planning your funeral.

    You're in Control

    Your wishes and the decisions you make now will be honoured. You choose the way you want to be remembered.


    You can stagger the costs to make them more manageable. You can also protect yourself and your family from rising funeral costs.


    By putting in place a funeral plan, you relieve those closest to you of the financial responsibility.


    Every penny you put into your plan is safe and secure. Your funds are held in a trust fund and ringfenced until they are needed.

    Peace of Mind

    You can sleep easy at night knowing your funeral won't be a financial burden your loved ones.

    Why Choose Us?

    When it comes to buying a funeral plan, we know it can be confusing. Here are the top reasons why you should put your trust in Protego-te.

    • We offer a choice of easy payment options, including instalments of up to 10 years and one-off payments.
    • We have professional links with funeral directors all over the country so you can be sure of getting the funeral you planned.
    • Plans can also be purchased for friends and relatives.
    • We will explain your options to you in clear and plain English, allowing you to make fully informed decisions.
    • We will never try to sell you services you don't need.

    Protect your family from spiralling funeral costs.

    What is a Funeral Plan?

    The costs of funerals are rising leaving many people worry about whether they’ll have sufficient funds to pay for everything. A funeral plan is a convenient and straightforward way to protect your family against spiralling and unexpected funeral costs and to eliminate uncertainty about your preferred funeral arrangements.

    With a funeral plan, you pay ahead of time which can ease a lot of the stress and worry for your loved ones. It is not an insurance or investment policy and has no cash value. It is merely a way of paying for a funeral. Then when the time comes all that is needed is one phone call to set everything in motion.

    There are alternatives to funeral plans. For example, the cost of your funeral can also be met by an over 50s life insurance plan, savings accounts and money from your estate. While these are possible solutions, there are no guarantees they'll be enough money.

    Do I Need a Funeral Plan?

    Putting a plan in place today will freeze the cost at today's prices, potentially saving your family a lot of money. Planning ahead also allows your relatives to put into action your wishes giving you the send-off you wanted. By making all the decisions in advance, your family will not be faced with a lot of difficult questions when in distress.

    We understand that no one really wants to talk about funerals when they're alive and well and everything is looking great. But the last thing you want to do is leave the people close to you with the burden of a hefty bill. The cost of dying does not come cheap with the average cost in the UK of a basic funeral now almost £4,000.

    When there are no funeral plans are in place, it is left to the family or the executor of the estate to make all the arrangements and guess about the type of funeral the deceased wanted. And they'll have to pay for it.

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