What We Do

What we do:

We are based in North West London and we serve businesses in London, Greater London, Home Counties and the Midlands and have plans to cover the rest of UK later this year (2019).

We can provide your business direct access to:

  • Our legal team who specialise in WillsTrustsLasting Powers of Attorney and Estate Planning
  • Our tax specialists who focus on IHT, asset protection, bloodline planning and bespoke tax solutions
  • Our buy-to-let property taxation specialists; particularly in view of the recent changes to mortgage relief

Which means you can offer clients:

  • Flexibility in how they access their assets / wealth
  • You can ensure they protect assets being passed to their bloodline
  • That their loved ones can benefit from reduced inheritance tax bills
  • Resolution of any complexity around their estate, keeping the professional fees to a sensible level

Which means you benefit by:

  • Offering your clients a comprehensive service without the overheads of direct employment
  • Meeting your clients’ wider needs, thereby increasing your reputation and retention, as well increasing your turnover

How we do it:

  • We have a comprehensive training pack with which we can train one or more of your team to make contact with your clients and conduct the fact find
  • We provide you with a comprehensive fact find form through which your team gather your clients’ data
  • We provide a hotline for your trained staff to give them immediate trusted advice
  • We provide your team with marketing material; with which you can run your own campaigns
  • We provide the links directly to our specialist advisers
  • We will provide you clarity on costs and your fees

Or, we can:

  • Run marketing campaigns on your behalf
  • Undertake the fact find on your behalf
  • Manage and run the end to end process on your behalf; which includes a fully compliant GDPR online CRM solution
  • Provides full visibility of where we are in meeting your clients’ needs
  • Pay you an introducers fee and still allow you full kudos for resolving your clients’ wider needs